Run 4 help: Take a step for great causes. 

We are not running a race donating a small portion of the registration fee and advertising to charities. This is a real social cause that has raised thousands of euros for 4 institutions and doesn’t want to stop running to help those in need. Come and be part of this party, run in a stunning Marathon (42km) or Half-marathon (21km), 30K walk with the “Vassoura Team”, volunteer or just come along to cheer. Your presence will make a difference.


"One boy at a time, one family at a time, the world will be a better place!"


"A smile is worth everything. We fulfil the dreams of children and youths who are sick and needy, or those of the elderly.."


"Stop waste - Feed people !"


"It is our mission to help children and youths smile (again) and believe that happiness is a goal they can reach."


Supporters: without them we couldn’t support those in need.